• Vichag’s USP
    Expertise in BDD and Agile methodologies
    Crowdsourced Testing through our 1000 testing community
    Capacity to augment skilled resources at shortest possible time and cost
    High-end training in all Testing Services Modules
    Expertise in Automation for Mobile and Webservices testing
    In-house ‘Centre Of Excellence’ for Selenium

  • Vichag’s Guarantee
    To advise dispassionately keeping client interests at the top of the mind
    To implement Testing services projects at world class quality
    To link the commercials to the outcomes of our delivery
    To constantly innovate in the best interests of the client requirements
    To provide right resource at the right time in the right location
    We have a dedicated centre of excellence with core skills in selenium
    Selenium is open source software tool
    It supports most of the programming languages
    Selenium is browser independent
    It supports mobile devices – IoS and Android
  • 5 Reasons Why
    Lack of clarity in Business requirements and scoping
    Not familiar with niche web services testing skills
    Shortfall of resources with adequate Automation skills
    Insufficient knowledge to prioritise the functionalities for testing
    Inadequate knowledge to select the right Automation tools

Vichag Limited is a UK based IT and Business consulting company consistently delivering value to the clients since 2008 in Software testing services. As part of this, we offer top end Business consulting, Implementation and Resourcing services. Our passionate team is supported by dedicated centre of excellence in Selenium and cutting edge technologies. Coupled with management focus we are a formidable combination to guarantee value to you.

What We Do

Software Testing Services

  • Business consulting
  • Implementation
          (Crowdsourced Testing)
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Corporate Training
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  • 1000 plus testing community
  • Automation & Webservice Testers
  • Developer – Tester Resources
  • Delivery Assurance and Flexible       Commercials
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Tools and Apps

  • Industry Proven Test       Management Tools
  • Mobile Test Lab
  • Device Hub
  • Apps For Plugin Tools
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Our Strengths

test automation frameworks

It is the use of special software to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes.

Testing mobile apps really different from traditional Web applications.

Transform Waterfall, V Model and Agile teams to BDD. And implementing test driven model and look for space for BDD.

Vichag has a large network of testing community. We offer innovative testing approaches such as crowdsourced testing. With the help of about 1000 testing experts in our community we can commit extensive testing models through crowd sourcing to find bugs in any solution irrespective of the complexity.

Happy Clients